The Interior Life

While I was reading a book by a counsellor called Brian Thorne, the phrase ‘the interior life’ stood out for me. In today’s busy times, our energy is often taken up to a high degree with stressful action and social interaction. Compared to the centuries that have gone before us, we generally have less time, it seems, for contemplation, stillness, silence, quietness, reflection.


This has led many to discovering meditative and relaxing activities that help to redress the balance: meditation, mindfulness, spa treatments and the like. But what happens when we reach a still place? What will we find when the outward activity is finally quieted?

If we live so much ‘out there’, how do we head downwards and inwards into ‘the interior life’? And what might we be missing if we ignore this side of our personality? Those with a spiritual connection may call this ‘the spiritual life’, and prayer is a gateway for them. Those with no belief in the spiritual find it helpful to switch off the white noise from time to time and better tune in to themselves.

I believe this ‘inner self’ is like the inside of the Tardis, larger than it might seem from the outside. Counselling can help us to access and explore this hidden world in a healing way. Learning to integrate our outer and inner life can make us more whole.

More of this in further posts.