Busy? Find an Inner Presence moment

It would be nice if we can all take advantage of the warm summer months and holidays to slow down a little and find time to connect with ourselves more fully. That’s not always as easy at is seems, is it? But even half a minute to let a moment of free time be felt inwardly can be hugely helpful. Here’s a small exercise to help find that Inner Presence refreshment even if you are busy:

Think of all the things, tasks, people, obligations and inner thoughts that we carry with us at any time during the day.  Imagine it this way: it’s as if we hold each one in our hands like a piece of string that ties us to it. Many strings. Now picture yourself carefully laying the strings on the ground and letting go of them momentarily. You can pick them up again whenever you want, but for now you release them. Now take a breath in and ‘sigh’ it out. And again if you want.  Let your shoulders drop. Now sense this moment of freedom inwardly. Let it come to rest in you. Stay


with it as long as you want. Be refreshed. Be still.  When you are ready, you can pick up the strings again.

You can do this anywhere and at any time, whether at work, waiting for a bus, or in the kitchen. You don’t even need to shut your eyes. In fact you may want to draw into the moment all the beautiful things that may add to it: a smell of a garden, birdsong, sound of children chattering outside, the image of a flower, stone, or the sky outside your window. Register them inwardly in this moment.

I hope you found that refreshing!