10 things about Focusing: FOUR

Why not?


‘Why always “Not yet”? Do flowers in spring say “Not yet”?’ – Norman Douglas, An Almanac

            ‘Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week’ – Spanish proverb.

I’ll bet most of us recognise times when that ‘not yet’ or that ‘tomorrow’ holds us back. We feel that something on occasion seems to hold us back from doing what we want. That letter or book we want to write; the holiday we would like to take but keep putting off; the job we want to change but don’t; the diet we want to maintain; the resolution to get up early, or get out more, or make more friends, or…  I’ll leave you to fill in the blanks.

Focusing is a fantastic way of enabling this impasse to unfold itself and move forward into some kind of action, or inner resolution. Whether it’s a small thing or something that leaves you feeling disappointed with larger aspects of your life, Focusing can help you connect with both the wanting and the not-wanting felt-senses; if you just try ‘hearing’ them in this way you can be surprised by what you will find, and how things open up in new ways. You may find that this thing is not what you deeply want after all. Or you may find that it is, and that the rest of you is now OK with that.

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