10 things about Focusing: THREE

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There are all kinds of hidden gifts our inner wisdom has for us, but this can’t always be accessed by our rational mind (useful though that is!).

Focusing gives you a way of being that encompasses ALL of you, and particularly in a way that lets your body in on the act. The body is not just there to carry your brain around. It has a memory and a wisdom of its own. Focusing recognises that we are embodied beings. What happens in the brain also happens in the body – and vice versa. There are many feedback loops in the system of the whole organism. Controlling our breathing can feed back into the brain to bring panic down, for example. And it is now believed that some bacteria in the gut are closely related to certain areas in the brain. We’ve all had that nervous fluttering in the stomach! Yet Western thinking tends to separate out the brain and the body and consider one superior to the other. This is nonsense. We are one whole human being.

Focusing brings awareness within the body in order to tap into what is almost unconsciously felt, understood, expressed in this inner way, rather than through rational or emotional shorthand. It is a key to open a door into a more subtle way of understanding ourselves. It is full of surprises, consolations, gifts, understandings that can change our lives, as devotees of focusing will tell you.

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