10 Things about Focusing – EIGHT: SLEEP

Have trouble getting to sleep? Wake up in the night with things going round and round in your head?

Are you doing the proper sleep hygiene – turning off mobile devices, not drinking alcohol, before bed, and STILL lying awake?

Focusing can help with that.

cat sleeping
Photo by Fabricio Trujillo on Pexels.com

Focusing can help with the over-active part of your brain that wants to keep on thinking the worry-thoughts (or planning-thoughts or To-Do-Thoughts) over and over again. It does this by connecting with the Worried, Planning or To-Doing part of yourself that is driving your brain to keep going through the night trying to resolve the unresolvable. From a place of Self-in-Presence (our calm centre) we can help your hyped-up brain to let go, go to sleep to do the real work it needs to do while we recharge our batteries.

With my clients I use and teach a helpful sleep technique which was developed by my supervisor, but Ann Weiser Cornell also does an excellent sleep audio recording, which I thoroughly recommend to help you slip off into slumber. It’s comfortingly called Soothing Restful Sleep and you can try it HERE