‘No time to say Hello! Goodbye!’

In the first of my extracts from James Roose-Evans’ book: Finding Silence, James calls us to take our seat in this moment of time:

We are all rushing places, caught up in a whirl of activity, afraid to stand still for a moment, with no time to stand and stare and, most of all, afraid of silence, so we surround ourselves with music, mobiles, the television, anything that will drown out that still small voice, until one day we wake up to find that time has run out like sand in an hourglass. It is then that, like Shakespeare’s Richard II, we realise, ‘I wasted Time, and now Time wastes me.’ Suddenly, with a shock, we realise our time is up.

However, before we reach such a realisation that ‘irretrievable Time is flying’ as Virgil expresses it, there are moments when we are conscious that behind all the frenzied activity we have an important date to keep here and now. At such moments we sense that behind this present reality there is another dimension of reality, when, as Wordsworth puts it, ‘our souls have sight of that immortal sea which brought us hither.’ And yet, and yet, we continue to put off the task, saying ‘I can deal with that later. There is plenty of time.’

It is because we do not take time that, repeatedly, we fail to heed the wisdom that is in our bodies, in our dreams, in our intuitions. But once we do begin to listen to this inner wisdom, then we begin to realise that ‘there is a time and a season for everything under the sun.’

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