Space for meditation

In the third of my extracts from James Roose-Evans’ book: Finding Silence, James offers a picture for us to ponder:

In meditating we become aware of an inner space that is vibrant with life. It is as though in the deepest part of us there is a whitewashed room with a window in each of the four walls, looking out on the Aegean seas. This cool space is empty yet full of light and the gentle stirring of the breezes bearing the scent of cedars and herbs. I think of a painting I have by Sheila O’Beney, on which I often meditate. It is in the style of a Paul Klee: a series of squares in delicate mauves, blues and greys. Two thirds of the way down, however, there is a white, unpainted square: an empty space. The painting is called ‘Space for meditation.’ It is this space that we enter each time we start our meditation.’

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