Feeling stressed and anxious is nature’s survival mechanism. If you think about it, an animal wandering around in the wild without worry is likely to be a dead animal pretty soon.

In our normal, peaceful environment, humans’ hyper-sensitive stress mechanism does not need to be activated very often, and works properly without us noticing it much; but sometimes it gets out of hand and stays on a permanent ‘on’ setting, seemingly without a ‘real’ cause.

Then, instead of it giving us the adrenalin boost we need to hit the ground running with something specific that is happening to us now, it gives us a constant background anxiety that causes us to worry about and anticipate events that could happen in the future. But as we can’t actually deal with them until they happen, this anxious energy just stays around in the system, and that is not a nice feeling. The future is not in our direct control, so that causes us to worry even more. It’s is a vicious cycle

If you suffer from over-anxiety, the good news is that you can learn to respond differently.

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