Letting go of the strings

On Thursday 8th October 1000, join me for a FREE ONLINE hour of reflection and silent meditation...

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How do you settle to yourself, when you are caught up, anxious, worried or fretting about many things?

Here is a favourite image of mine:

Picture yourself holding on with each hand to many strings. Each string is attached to something that demands your attention: things needing to be done, a recent argument, a sense of the world’s environmental troubles, the continuing lockdown, worry about catching Covid 19, difficult finances, debt, relationship troubles…. you get the picture. Just get a sense of all these attachments and how they pull at you.

Now, you’re going to put them down.

Imagine laying them on the floor beside you. If there’s anything you really want to keep hold of, that’s fine. But everything else, just lay the strings down carefully – and this is the important bit – knowing you are going to pick them up again when you are ready. You’re not running away from them, distracting yourself or trying to throw them away. You may have already found that doesn’t always help What you are going to do is allow yourself to lay them down safely for a while.

NOW. Now there is just you for a moment. And, now, just take your seat in this moment of time, this moment when you can just give your attention to ‘you’.

Take a deep breath and sigh. And let the moment last as long as you want. The strings will be there waiting when you are ready. But hopefully, you will be better able to hold them lightly when you pick them up again.

1000 Thursday 8th October: join me for a FREE ONLINE hour of reflection and silent meditation.

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