BEING PRESENT (1): a FREE webinar for counsellors

This the first in a series of four webinars on the subject of being fully present with our clients.

This introductory webinar is FREE


Do you want to deepen your connection with your clients? What can get in the way of real contact? What stops us being truly present?

The late, great Eugene Gendlin (1926 – 2016) wrote:
If I keep nothing between, you can look into my eyes and see me. You might not look of course, but if you do, I won’t hide. Then you may see a very insufficient person. But for contact, no special kind of person is required.

In this free webinar I explore how to be more fully present

  • deepen our ability to create meaningful therapeutic relationships with our clients
  • learn what it means to ‘keep nothing between’,
  • discover what gets in the way of this
  • learn the rewards of not inhabiting roles

We will see what unconscious agendas we might hold for ourselves and our clients and how that may limit the possibilities for change.

The webinar will last one and a half hours and is on Thursday 23rd July at 1030 BST

It will be delivered through the free Zoom platform.

Thursday 23 JULY 10:30 BEING PRESENT (1)

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