Exploring Focusing-oriented counselling: A one-day workshop

Announcing three one-day Autumn workshops in 2019,
exploring how Focusing-oriented work can help you connect your clients with their own inner healing process in therapy

Would you like to be more able to help your clients hold onto and deepen their inner processing?

Would you like to be able to increase awareness of your client’s body-connected communication in your sessions?

gray bridge and trees
Photo by Martin Damboldt on Pexels.com

Would you like to increase your sense of being in tune with your client’s emotional states?

Would you like to explore ways of inviting your clients to be with their emotional states rather than analysing, avoiding or reacting to them?

These workshops are inspired by the numbers of counsellors who came to my workshops last year and asked if I would do further training around Focusing-oriented therapy.

These workshops are specifically for professional counsellors and psychotherapists.

Dates and other details coming shortly