A flower bud is a life in progress: it needs to open. So does a human life. Focusing is the best way I know of tuning into and releasing our unlived life. Intrigued? I hope you take the time to find out more.

I’m really enthusiastic about Focusing!  I integrate Focusing into my work as a counsellor, and for some clients, I introduce them to some of the skills of Focusing to help them as they continue to work on things between sessions. Almost always, it’s a real help.

Sadly Focusing is not well enough known.  Shall I stand on a housetop and shout that?


Part of my work this year is to try and spread the word that there is an easily-grasped, simple way of getting to know yourself better; not only better but in a more open, trusting and accepting way. This is something that can make a real difference (without being really difficult or demanding!) to your life, both in small things and in large.

Focusing is a skill that can be taught and learned. It’s a skill that everybody needs!

Focusing is all to do with becoming aware of rather vague and subtle inner feelings that escape rational definitions or labelling as just emotions. We all have them – trust me! – and many people use their sense of something vaguely felt to help them chart their course in both small and large things in life, without being aware of it. But some people have not learned to tune into what is going on inside them very well. Focusing is a way of teaching this skill so that anyone can learn to tune in to what is inside.

Focusing is like mindfulness in some ways, but goes much further. Focusing does just what it says on the tin: brings into focus something that starts out rather blurred and fuzzy: what Eugene Gendlin called a ‘felt sense’. Once you are yourself present to a ‘felt sense’ in a Focused way, you will soon discover that the next steps your life needs will also become more clear. Each ‘felt sense’ has its own forward step implicit in it. How exciting is that?

I am featuring Focusing in my blog over the next weeks (starting here), and hoping that it will give you a better understanding, and a taste of how it can help open up your life, and how you can use Focusing and consciously apply it to almost any part or aspect of your life.

Last year I held four Focusing-based workshop-retreats at the Bleddfa Centre on the Welsh borders, along with some other workshops for other organisations. I am hoping to do more of this work later in 2019. Details will be posted on this website when available.

I would also recommend  you look at Ann Weiser Cornell’s website and her fabulous library of Focusing information and resources: