What is counselling?


Whether you are suffering from depression or post-traumatic stress, whether you are grieving or caught in tangled relationships, or whether you are at a crossroads and need to think through to a good decision for the future, talking to a trained counsellor can help you reflect on and understand your thoughts and feelings in new ways. It can open up different perspectives for you, and and help you develop more compassionate and effective ways of relating to your inner self.

Counselling depends on the way in which the counsellor and client can build a good working relationship. Counsellors hopefully offer the right conditions for this to develop: confidentiality, non-judgmental acceptance, empathy and genuineness. At its best, both counsellor and client end up working very much together, with the emphasis on enabling you, the client, to explore in your own way and find your best way through to a resolution.

So – what will it be like for me?

I cannot advise you and give you answers (friends and family have probably been doing that already). The challenging bit of counselling is that you need to find your own way through; but counsellors are trained and skilled to help you in this process. I always go at your pace and follow your own way of working, which I try and get a feel for as we go. In each session, you will be free to talk about whatever you want. Clients often say, ‘I don’t know where to begin’, but in my experience, once you start somewhere, it will lead on in its own way to something else, often surprising both of us by where it takes you, and what you discover along the way. There is no pressure to talk about any particular thing, and sometimes silence can be just as helpful, if that is what you need at that moment.

I do incorporate different models, approaches and techniques whenever I feel it might be helpful to you, but that will only become clear as we go along. CBT, Focusing, Mindfulness, transactional analysis (TA) and psychodynamic theory are some things you may have heard of, and I may offer to talk about these if I think it might possibly shed light on something for you.  But my primary way of working is traditional person-centred counselling. It is the most inspiring and transforming counselling process I know.

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