Elizabeth Halls Counselling

I am a person-centred counsellor working on the Herefordshire/Powys border – these days always via Zoom.

For reasons of family commitments I am not able to take a large number of clients at the moment but am very happy to talk to you if you are looking for counselling and think I might be able to help.

The heart of my counselling is summed up by saying that, as we talk, I’m relating to you as a unique individual, and you can talk to me at your own pace and in your own way. We find out together what is going to help you most.

I offer a warm and confidential space for you where you safely can talk about some of the things within you that need compassionate attention. If the words ‘compassionate attention’ seem a hard concept at the moment, when your feelings are in turmoil, know that the very first step to coming to a calmer place with your feelings – or a place where you are not so overwhelmed by them – can be to talk about them.

Call me on 07795 324575 or contact me using the CONTACT form on this website.


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