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I am currently counselling online through Zoom

What can counselling offer?

  • a one-to-one confidential relationship in which you can talk about anything you want to work with
  • a process apart, away from external pressure
  • an environment of safe and professional listening help
  • the opportunity to work on aspects of your life and move forward more positively
  • an acknowledgement that life is an ongoing process that can be changed

Many find healing through this process, at varying levels, and at their own pace.

What brings you to counselling could be:

  • experiencing distress
  • a dilemma that is difficult to resolve,
  • a new venture
  • a period of change or uncertainty
  • a dark period in your life, or depression
  • a stressful period in your life, or anxiety
  • a general sense of something that is troubling you, without having any particular cause
  • a desire to explore in more depth your own understanding about yourself – the Life, Universe and Everything questions

If you have never embarked on counselling before, I would encourage you to contact someone to find out more, and see how it might be able to help you.

Contact me:

07795 324575

  •  by phone to book a preliminary appointment, or
  • to talk initially without any pressure or commitment about counselling and how it might help you or be useful to you; or
  • fill in the enquiry form the contacts page and I will phone or email you back.
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