This page is included here so that if you as a client feel that you want to be able to discuss spiritual aspects of your life, you know you can do this. In fact any counsellor will work with you as their client on any aspect of your life, and will do their utmost to work within the framework of your own thinking and philosophy. Sometimes it can be more helpful not to have a kind of spiritual agenda at the forefront of counselling, but to let things emerge in their own way.  However, if you want to talk to someone who is happy to follow you in your own spiritual journey as part of the counselling session, then I would like you to have confidence in the process to explore this area of your life in a counselling setting.

If you have no faith or do not wish to discuss this area in your counselling, that is absolutely fine; it may not even have occurred to you to think about it, and that is absolutely fine as well. This page of my website is here to answer some possible questions in the mind of those who are thinking about it, and help them understand how it might all fit together for them.

It is extremely important for me to let you know that I will not make any judgements about your own faith or spirituality, or lack of it, and will in no way try to influence you with my own beliefs. Counselling is always about you as a client, helping you to think about and discover more about yourself and what you believe about yourself and the world.  Your thinking, your belief, your faith, your philosophy.  The ‘your’ word is most important, and for me as a counsellor, the value is on you as an individual. This is a deeply-held ethical principle held by all counsellors who are members of the BACP. But remember: life, the universe and everything is all in your remit as a client!

It may be that you are unsure how to choose a counsellor with all this in mind. If so, do feel free to give me a ring on 07795 324 575 if you would like to talk about this aspect a little more, without any commitment. I am happy to discuss it freely with you without any pressure. The most important thing is that you find a counsellor who best meets your needs and with whom you feel comfortable to work.