Counselling can be a way of deepening ones inner life within a much broader framework than when counselling for specific needs or problems. Life can be seen as a developmental or spiritual journey. Prayer or meditation can be part of a pattern of this experience and sometimes talking about all of this in a separate and quiet place can be complementary to these practices. In this focused way, you can explore your own inner direction, meeting both doubts and faith with clarity, honesty, gentleness and authenticity. This process may be affirming or challenging, but it will hopefully enable you to progress in your self awareness and help form your sense of inner direction in life.

This process is very close to my heart.

It is extremely important for me to let you know that I will not make any judgements about your own faith or spirituality, or lack of it, and will in no way try to influence you with my own beliefs.  This is all about you and your own exploration of this area of your experience. Remember: life, the universe and everything is all in your remit as a client!

Do feel free to contact or ring me on  07795 324 575 if you would like to talk about this aspect a little more, without any commitment. I am happy to discuss it freely with you without any pressure. The most important thing is that you find a counsellor who best meets your needs and with whom you feel comfortable to work.